Maywood root canal

Maywood Root Canal

Root canal therapy in Maywood

Infected tissue inside your tooth can lead to some serious and unwanted consequences, including pain. At Pangborn Dental Center, we take direct aim at the problem with root canal therapy. The goal is to repair your injured tooth and return it to optimal health.

It’s not always possible to avoid our Maywood root canal, but you can reduce the chances by taking prompt action when you have a toothache, even if it’s a mild one. Remember, the pain is an alert. And what your body is telling you is that your tooth’s structure has become breached. The nerve inside, which is usually well protected, is now exposed. With timely treatment, typically a filling or crown, the tooth will be restored before there is opportunity for bacteria to encroach on the pulp, which is right next to the nerve. How will you know if that does happen? The typical symptoms are pain when you chew or apply pressure to the tooth. That pain can become excruciating, which is often marked by swelling, too. Sensitivity to hot and cold things is also frequently noted. Additionally, you might find that you have gum tenderness and/or tooth discoloration. When you come in, our dentist examines your tooth and takes x-rays to reach a conclusive diagnosis. Our Maywood root canal is usually the way to address a tooth infection, though it’s possible that the damage done is beyond the point where such treatment will be successful. If so, then you would need the tooth extracted. Fortunately, most cases will be ones in which the tooth can be saved.

Our Maywood root canal is performed under local anesthesia, and our dentist strives to keep you as comfortable as possible. Most patients report back that they experienced either no pain at all, or very little. Don’t hesitate. Call us immediately to arrange a timely visit to our office.

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