Maywood dental office

Maywood Dental Office

Teeth Whitening in Maywood

Stained, discolored, and dull teeth deserve the improvements that come from teeth whitening here at Pangborn Dental Center. You can enjoy impressive results in under an hour with our advanced Zoom! whitening done at our office. Or you can use our take-home method instead, and get the desired outcome in just about two weeks.

Tea and coffee, soy sauce and curry, berries, red wine, cola, and hard candies all share one common trait: they are known to cause teeth stains. Don’t just live with that. You can do something. With Zoom!, you can enjoy the confidence of knowing it’s clinically proven to lighten teeth up to 8 shades in just one session. The proprietary Zoom! gel is applied to your teeth at our Maywood dental office, and it immediately works to strip away the stains that have been hiding your normal smile. It’s a treatment that is 100% safe on your enamel. It’s also associated with reduced sensitivity. Our Maywood dental office also lets you do it yourself. Come in to have impressions taken so that custom-fitted whitening trays can be made. All you have to do is put your trays on for about 30 minutes per night. The whitening agent is automatically dispensed in the right amounts. It’s simple and it does a great job. When you compare the effects of either of our whitening treatments to that of what you could expect to get from products on your drug store or supermarket shelf, they are simply not in the same league. Over-the-counter whitening usually provides only minimal results, and may contain enamel damaging abrasives in them. So depend on us.

While it’s on your mind, call our Maywood dental office and set up a time to come in for teeth whitening treatment. Say goodbye to your current dissatisfying smile, and hello to your new one.

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