Kids dentist 07601

Kids Dentist 07601

Pediatric dental hygiene in 07601

Kids dentist 07601
Kids dentist 07601

Pediatric dental hygiene is the key to your child avoiding cavities to the greatest extent possible, which also means a reduced risk for toothaches, infections, and the early loss of baby teeth. In addition, gum disease is a concern for kids as much as it is for adults. With proper dental hygiene, your child’s gums are in a position to stay pink, healthy, and vibrant. Here at Pangborn Dental Center, you can depend on expert advice and guidance to assist in putting the odds in your child’s favor for outstanding oral wellness.

Even before considering dental hygiene practice, it is essential to keep a close watch on the amount of sugar your child consumes. Try to include sweets with his or her meal, instead of having them on their own. And don’t forget that many beverages, such as soda and 100% fruit juice (even if the label tells you that no sugar was added). Even ketchup and bottled salad dressings have a surprising level of sugar. It is sugar that fuels the formation of dental plaque, the invisible bacterial film that is primarily responsible for tooth decay and gum disease. Our kids dentist 07601 will show your child the proper way to brush and to floss, because the results are better when using good technique. Dental hygiene practice on a daily basis is the first defense against the onset of cavities and gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease. Some plaque typically escapes the reach of brushing and flossing, and subsequently turning into hardened tartar. To remove it, and to reverse any effects of early stage gum disease, she or he will need a teeth cleaning on a six month schedule from our kids dentist 07601.

Schedule an appointment to bring your child to our office. With the help of our kids dentist 07601, there will be fewer cavities to worry about, and gum disease will be avoided entirely.

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